Swot Analysis for All

Unlock the doors to your potential — because understanding yourself is the first
step toward becoming the best version of you!

Introducing our exclusive Personal SWOT Analysis using the power of Graphology. Uncover your Strengths, tackle your Weaknesses, seize Opportunities, and shield against Threats. Through an intricate examination of various elements such as strokes, writing style, and paper pressure, we decode the essence of who you are, covering over 25+ personality traits in a single analysis!

Why Personal SWOT Analysis ?

Here we analyze handwriting and signatures to discover the character and nature of an individual accurately. A General Character Analysis reveal a lot about their personality like the type of career suitability, relationship compatibility, general personality traits , physical and mental health, life goals, communication level, libido and monetary outlook, social outlook , peculiarities in character or criminal tendencies if any through handwriting and signature analysis. Cohort skills’ handwriting analysis uses the science of graphology to help individuals learn more about themselves or others.

Few Reasons you should get your Handwriting Analyzed


Your handwriting and signature are scrupulously analyzed.


Understand yourself on a deeper level.

Strategic Planning

Craft a roadmap for personal and professional success

Confidence Boost

Leverage your strengths with newfound confidence.

Effective Decision-Making

Make informed choices aligned with your true self.


Whether you want to test this science or are looking to maximize your potential, we got your back.


We have delivered customer satisfaction time and again. Look at our track record of reviews


We take minimum time to deliver your report. Treat this as an investment in your future. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself.

At Cohortskills We Offer two Packages

@ Standard
  • • Personality assessment done (approx. 15 + traits including strengths and weaknesses)
  • • Report given of the above
  • Mode of Session - OFFLINE
  • Investment - 1.8k Per Person
@ Premium
  • • Personality assessment done (approx. 25 + traits including strengths and weaknesses)
  • • Report and  Consultation given of the above
  • Mode of Session - OFFLINE
  • Investment - 2.5k Per Person

Payment Details


Account Number – 52220022118512

IFSC – BDBL0002175

UPI Number – 9330187873

Google Pay – cohortskills@okaxis

Pre Requisite

Write at least 1 page about yourself and sign below on a A4 white paper . Send it to me via email to sample@cohortskills.com or dm us . After which a zoom call session will be arranged for consultation.

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