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Are You Facing this Challenges?

Client doesn’t want to open up easily

Some clients are too traumatized to speak or may have been pushed to visit a counselor

Uncooperative clients

Some clients behave stubborn and refuse to give answers clearly

Low retention of clients

Some clients turn out to be judgmental especially while dealing with young counselors and doubt their ability

Less Rapport Building

Establishing rapport is a challenge as they lack faith, especially when it is a young counselor

Less Job Satisfaction

With less success comes reluctancy and less job satisfaction

Slow Progress in Reputation Building

Reputation building can become a challenge if feedback from clients are not up to the mark

Time Wastage

A lot of time gets consumed when initial hindrances are not taken care of

Burn Out

Professional burn out is very common for counselors starting out as most of the times clients come with various complicated issues

Low income

Low-income generation is often a result of low repetition of clients


6 days,15+ hours, 6 challenges

In this 6 days workshop you will master basic character assessment of your client with ability to decode more than 25 + personality traits ;
know answers to questions like-


As a counselor, early in career it is crucial to gain deeper understanding of your clients in order to offer counseling services that make a difference. Going beyond simply understanding their surface level problems or concerns, it involves gaining a clear insight of their personality , thought processes and emotions.

Freshers in the counseling industry find it difficult to handle clients and level up in their field. One of the major reasons is lack of experience – exposure to different type of clients or confidence in their abilities. This pain is enhanced by the fact that clients often have high expectations of their counselors and may be quick to judge if they feel they are not being helped.

In response to this challenge, we’ve designed the super affordable 6 DAYS COUNSELING COMPETENCY PROGRAM. This workshop is a guiding light for students and newcomers, offering insights into utilizing Graphology as a powerful complementary tool used by psychologists all over the world  for swift character assessment  of clients. Elevate your skills in communication, rapport-building, and trust establishment with clients right from start of your career . This journey positions you as an authority in your field, amplifying your Influence, Impact, and Income.

CCP is The Right PROGRAM for
you if you are a

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you if you are a

Aspiring psychologist

Human Resources Professionals


school teacher



Graduation Student

What will Change in your life?

Our learners excel in real-world settings, leveraging their acquired skills from our programs to contribute effectively and make meaningful contributions within their respective companies.

Increased Impact

Increased Influence

Increased Income

What will Change in your life?

Our learners excel in real-world settings, leveraging their acquired skills from our programs to contribute effectively and make meaningful contributions within their respective companies.

Increased Impact

Increased Influence

Increased Income



Founder @Cohortskills
High Performance Coach
-NLP Practitioner
-Psychometric Testing Professional

She has been successfully conducting online training programs on Graphology for past 4 years and trained more than 800+ individuals and provided successful guidance to people from different walks of life – coaches, psychology enthusiasts, counselors, teachers, introspecting souls and more. Through her experience of interacting with hundreds of students, she felt a profound calling—to empower aspiring caring professionals with the power to read minds by sharing her expertise in the subject that would shape their careers and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.


Train one lac counselors learn the science of Graphology for attaining professional competency in the field of counseling and self-awareness for personal growth.

Still not Sure ? We Have Got Your Back

Do You Know ?

Writing is a coordination of the brain, muscles and nerves and often called brain writing. This process is so complex that it actually uses up to 85% of your brainpower unlike talking or any other form of expression!

Students Reviews

Samridhi Maurya Kolkata

As a newbie counselor , 5 day Graphology Course helped me in dealing with my clients. I'm amazed as what all we can find out about an individual through a simple handwriting. I'm thoroughly convinced with the accuracy of the subject . I apply all the techniques learnt and I have got great results.I strongly recommend everyone to take up the course.

Praduman Burman Assam

Thank you Baishali Mam. The 5 day course was transformative and engaging .It was concise and well structured. The practical experience of analyzing a sample so fast, was indeed one of the smartest things I have learnt.

Ramesh Kumar Karnataka

Just finished with the Beginners level. Baishali Madam is a wonderful coach and a task master. She is energetic, lively and makes the student comfortable from first class itself so that the classes were interactive. She made the concepts so easy to understand and explained with practical examples which made the graphology classes more excited. For every 2 classes She made us to do assignment and all the doubts while doing the analysis were cleared in the next class. Unknowingly have started analyzing all the handwriting scripture coming across

Arpita Siliguri

I had a great time learning this subject, your energetic sessions and the wonderful display of the entire course made it more impactful. something I really appreciate about you is that the way you make sure whether the student has understood the concept or not.. 😇 Always grateful for the guidance, thankyou

Sarthak Sarkar

Mam is really good teacher of graphology. Explains everything in the right way which is understandable for all. I recommend her to everyone ❤

Krupa Kotadia

Thank you for your advices ma'am. Most of the things that you spoke were true. We would follow the advices you gave upon improving ourselves. It was a nice and fruitful session with you. We got someone to make us more stronger today! We were so tensed about our future together, but you have cleared out the things on our way. We would surely come and meet you after a year. Thank you mam for you time.


Hello Baishali Mam, I'm so happy to write this review. To let you honestly today, I was skeptical in the beginning. It was out of curiosity that I got in touch with you for my SWOT ANALYSIS. But after the session I was left gobsmacked. It was incredible. You pointed out all the areas of my personality where I was looking for improvement. I learnt how I can horn my skills and start building on my strengths. Being creative in nature I was working in a wrong sector. After the psychometric assessment I realized my core motivations at work. I'm now a work-in-progress and I'll surely get back to you after a year with a' Best Me Version'. Thank you Cohortskills

Book Reviews


Baishali Paul's debut, "10 Compelling Reasons to Master Graphology," is like a crash course in decoding personalities through handwriting. It's a breezy read that makes graphology sound way more interesting than you'd expect. Paul's style is friendly and approachable, making it perfect for both beginners and experts who are curious about the quirks in their own or others' handwriting. The book's got a good mix of insights and practical tips, making it a quick and enjoyable journey into the intriguing world of graphology. If you've ever wondered what your handwriting says about you, this book spills the ink.


"Baishali Paul's ebook, '10 Compelling Reasons to Master Graphology,' is a captivating guide that seamlessly blends the science of handwriting analysis with practical applications in counseling and personal development. Her expertise shines through, offering actionable insights for counselors, parents, and individuals seeking self-awareness. It's a comprehensive resource that illuminates the power of Graphology in understanding personalities and making informed life choices. Highly recommended for anyone intrigued by this fascinating field of psychology. A must-read for those looking to unlock the secrets hidden within handwriting."


In a few pages Baishali has lent us a view into the amazing world of handwriting interpretation. A world of knowledge lies here captured within a few scratches of the pen on paper, an area that piques interest and demands more attention. Truly captivating, and begs further research in an increasingly complex world.

Free Bonuses Worth 8k

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Frequently Asked Questions

The webinar will be mostly in English .

The duration would be of roughly 2 hours per day with Q n A

Participant need to be atleast 18 years of age

It is best if you attend this webinar from the comfort of home/ office without much disturbance with good internet connectivity. Keep a white sheet of a4 paper/diary and pen ready.

A webinar zoom link will be shared in your whatsapp and mail id as soon as you register.

Call to get refund if you don’t get 5x value


Graphology: Revealing the real self through your handwriting

Graphology is a scientific and fascinating tool that has been used for centuries to understand personalities and emotions because when people write, they reveal their subconscious minds , and they are much more than just the words on the page. Their handwriting reflects their innermost thoughts, emotions, and desires. By learning to read and interpret handwriting, you can gain insights into the people around you that you never thought possible.

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