Couple Compatibility Testing

Couple compatibility through graphology is a topic that explores how handwriting analysis can help couples understand each other better and improve their relationship. Graphology can reveal various aspects of personality, behavior, and mental states that affect how couples communicate, express their feelings, and deal with conflicts. 

To answer these questions, we will analyze various features of your handwriting, such as slant, size, pressure, spacing, loops, margins, and more. We will also compare the handwriting and signature of both partners to see how they match or differ. Graphology or handwriting analysis provides insights into the compatibility of couples and is a tool that can help couples understand themselves and each other better and reciprocate in a responsible manner with their partner in all aspects .

Some of the questions that can be answered by graphology are:

  1. How compatible are you and your partner in terms of temperament, emotions, and values?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and how can you work on them?
  3.  How do you and your partner cope with stress, challenges, and changes?
  4.  What are the hidden motives, fears, and desires of you and your partner?
  5.  How can you enhance your intimacy, trust, and loyalty with your partner?

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