Specialized Course- Relationship
Compatibility Program (RCP)

Solution based Coaching with Graphology: Understanding Compatibility in a Life Partner… Merely forming a friendship or cohabiting is inadequate for truly knowing someone. Graphology stands out as the effective and precise approach through which counselors or individuals can gain profound insights into the characteristics, habits (both positive and negative), preferences, cultural inclinations, intellectual attributes, profession, and concealed facets of their potential life partner.

Who is this Course for ?

Students who have successfully completed the Beginners Level GDP are invited to enroll in the RCP.

How can RCP help me as a Marital Counselor?

Discover the transformative power of Graphology in the realm of marital counseling. As a marital counselor, integrating Graphology into your toolkit proves invaluable in deciphering compatibility between partners, both before and after marriage. This insightful technique goes beyond verbal communication, offering a nuanced understanding of individuals' personalities, behaviors, and hidden

Course Content

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